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Benefits of Membership

Modern Mobile Medicine patients enjoy home visits, personal communication via phone, e-mail, and much more. To learn more about member benefits click the link below.

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Hours of Operation

Below are our normal operating hours, we are available other times by arrangement. All services are provided via house call or virtual visit via telemedicine.

  • Monday–Friday
    9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Your Concerns

How does this work? Home visits? No insurance? To become more familiar with the Direct Primary Care model Modern Mobile Medicine offers click on the link below.

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How Are We Different?

Modern Mobile Medicine is a Direct Primary Care practice in the Washington DC metropolitan area. It’s a patient-centered approach to medicine.  So, how is it different?


House Calls

Modern Mobile Medicine provides primary care by house calls, just like old country doctors.  All care is provided in your own home.  No more waiting around at a doctor’s office with other sick people. Because the appointments take place at your home, you will not feel rushed, and your comfort is maximized. Our doctors will take the time to give you the quality care you deserve, without leaving your house. Find a doctor near you.


Fewer Patients

Did you know that most Primary Care Physicians have between 2,500-3,500 patients? Our doctors will limit their practice to approximately 500 patients per doctor. This means that they can spend more time with you when you need them. It also means that when they are not actively seeing a patient, they are able to coordinate your care and research the latest advances in treatments. Your well-being is our doctor’s priority, and the reason for why they do what they do.


No Middleman

Modern Mobile Medicine does not accept insurance so you won’t have a middleman in your primary care. Decisions about your healthcare will be made by you and your doctor, without the impersonal management that inevitably comes from third-party payers.  Instead, patients pay a monthly membership fee which can save money and lead to better treatment.

Learn more about Direct Primary Care and the cost savings opportunities this model provides.



Many medical concerns can be diagnosed and treated without going to an office. Our doctors utilize various forms of technology from a simple phone call or text to email and video chats to give you the best care possible no matter where you are. Our patients are able to have their medical questions answered or lab resulted discussed with minimal time missed from work or life activities.

Become A Patient

Signing up with Modern Mobile Medicine is easy.  Register securely on this website, then schedule your appointment here too.

To find out if there is a Modern Mobile Medicine physician near you, go here. If you require assistance, please contact us.

Dr. Matthew Haden
Dr. Marguerite Duane

Not ready to sign up?  Try our service first without a membership.  You can always reserve individual consultations at the non-member rates.  If you decide to join, your most recent house call payment can be applied to your first month’s membership fee.

The Benefits of MODERN Mobile Medicine

We have negotiated deeply discounted lab prices for the most common tests that our patients need. Those savings are passed directly on to our patients. Monthly members pay the lowest prices.   Here are some examples.  Discounts available at LabCorp, Sunrise Laboratories and Quest Diagnostics for routine testing.  Discounted genetic testing available with Pathway Genomics.

You will not feel rushed through an appointment.  One of the greatest benefits of working outside of the insurance system is having TIME with your doctor.  Our doctors can even see multiple family members during one house call. Now that is what we call personal healthcare!

Because we have reserved our time for a smaller panel of patients, there will be no “squeezing you in.” You are a priority, and you’ll feel like one. Multiple family members can be evaluated in the comfort of your home. The patient portal makes scheduling an appointment easy.

You’ll be able to reach us and your medical information via phone, webcam, and email.

Whether it’s for school, sports, employment, or just an annual checkup, this exam will be fitted to your personal medical needs. It’s all about you, and your specific goals for wellness. We collect a comprehensive medical history to understand your state of health, your risk factors for diseases,  and to determine goals for your health and wellness.  A physical exam will be done, and appropriate tests will be ordered. We will also make sure you are up to date with all recommended health screenings.

For example, rapid strep testing, simple lesion removal, and minor laceration repair are all included in your membership fee.  If there is an extra charge for a service, you will know exactly what it is before proceeding.

If you require a consultant for specialty medical care, our doctors will work closely with that specialist. Because Modern Mobile Medicine is not affiliated with any other healthcare systems, the choice is ours to make together.  We will even go with you to your specialist appointment to help coordinate your care!